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A Flag For Carmarthenshire

In 1935 the Carmarthenshire County Council received a formal award of arms which combined two Welsh dragons with two gold lions on a quarted red and gold, counter charged field, the quarters being divided by an an indented line. The lion and indentation … Continue reading

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Berkshire’s flag was registered on February 27th 2017 following declarations of support from twenty-four local organisations, backed by the Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire, James Puxley. The flag features the traditional hart (stag) and oak theme associated with the county for … Continue reading

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A Flag For The Outer Hebrides

  This flag, derived from the coat of arms of Comahairle nan Eilean Siar (the formerly named Western Isles Council) is used to represent the chain of Scottish islands named The Outer Hebrides (Western Isles). This archipelago is traditionally split … Continue reading

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South Uist

The Scottish island of South Uist, in the Outer Hebrides archipelago, traditionally part of Inverness-shire, has been associated with a green flag bearing a dark blue Nordic style cross, fimbriated (outlined) in white, for several years and this was formally registered by … Continue reading

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A Flag For Inverness-shire

This proposal, the creation of Philip Tibbetts, takes its colours from the coat of arms of Inverness-shire County Council The crossed devices are Lochaber Axes as found in the arms of Lochaber District Council in the county which themselves derive … Continue reading

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The flag of the Scottish island of Barra, in the Outer Hebrides archipelago, traditionally part of Inverness-shire, was registered on November 23rd 2017. The island had been flying its green flag, bearing a white Nordic style cross, for over a … Continue reading

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A Flag For Furness

The territory of Furness is the northernmost portion of Lancashire, seen coloured gold on this map Unequivocally part of Lancashire, this prospective flag, the work of Philip Tibbetts, is presented as a notion comparable to the flags of the Yorkshire … Continue reading

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The Parts Of Lincolnshire.

The county of Lincolnshire subsumes three unique divisions termed “Parts”; namely, Lindsey, Kesteven and Holland. Lindsey is in the north of the county, Kesteven in the south-west and Holland, the south-east. The Parts were administered separately and each one received … Continue reading

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The Fenland flag was created by regional resident and vexillographer, James Bowman it complements existing county flags used in the locality, much as the Riding flags fly alongside the county flag of Yorkshire. The region of Fenland is centred in … Continue reading

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The Lathes Of Kent

Kent has a set of unique internal territorial divisions named “Lathes”. The word lathe may derive from a Germanic root meaning “land” or “landed possession”, possibly connected with the Greek word latron “payment”. These unique divisions appear to have originated in … Continue reading

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