A Flag For Furness

The territory of Furness is the northernmost portion of Lancashire, seen coloured gold on this map


Unequivocally part of Lancashire, this prospective flag,


the work of Philip Tibbetts, is presented as a notion comparable to the flags of the Yorkshire ridings, complementing the county flag.

The green wyvern is taken from the seal of Furness Abbey. This became a common emblem across the the area, used for insignia by both the Furness Building Society and the Furness Railway

Furness Rail.png

where the wyvern can be seen at the base.

The division of the flag, resembling flames, is heraldically termed “rayonny” and symbolises a fire, being both a pun on the name of the area and a reference to the craggy coastline. The sandy-gold hoist and rose-red fly halves of the flag recall the common nickname for the area of ‘Lancashire-beyond-the-sands’. It may be noted that the three colours of red, green and yellow are also those of the county flag of Lancashire


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