County Flag Videos

The county flags of England, correct at time of publication in Autumn 2015.

The county flags of Wales including the as yet unregistered proposal for Montgomeryshire.

BBC County Flags discussion. Graham Bartram, Chief Vexillologist of the Flag Institute, discusses County Flags on the Politics Show. June 2014.

Discussion about a flag for Somerset on BBC Points West 2006.

The story behind the Somerset flag competition. The birth of the Somerset County Flag – Pardoes story

Meridian’s feature on the Dorset Cross before it won the competition and became registered.

A huge Sussex flag over Eastbourne, June 16th 2017

Middlesex and Linconshire flags at the Manor House B and B, Lincolnshire

Caithness Flag unveiling ceremony

The Caithness flag across the county

Unveiling of the Nottinghamshire flag on The Trent Lady

Robin Hood flag flying from King John Tower at Newark Castle Nottinghamshire

Pembrokeshire Flag dedication.

The first flight of the Staffordshire Flag – March 19th 2016.

The unveiling of the Northamptonshire flag, September 11th 2014

The Staffordshire flag at Castle Ring.

Unveiling the North Riding Flag

Unveiling the East Riding Flag.

The flag of Monmouthshire.

The registration of the Yorkshire flag.

The Wiltshire flag.

The flag of Lancashire in flight.

The flag of Hertfordshire in flight.

Raising the flag of Surrey.

Official raising of the Berkshire county flag, Berkshire County Show, Newbury, September 17th, 2017 – Part 1

Official raising of the Berkshire county flag, Berkshire County Show, Newbury, September 17th, 2017 – Part 2

A wonderful BBC video about the history behind the symbolism of the Berkshire flag.

Urdd Eisteddfod procession through Bridgend with the Glamorgan flag, October 2016

The Cornish flag catches the wind

The Norfolk flag catches the wind.

The Shetland flag catches the wind

April 16th 2016 Orkney Day flag raising

The flag of Wessex in Wantage

Raising the flag of South Uist

The ongoing existence of Middlesex.

Westmorland – not actually lost because it is still with us. It did not disappear in 1974, contrary to the opening commentary, Westmorland County Council was abolished but the county as an entity in its own right has never been extinguished and its residents fly its flag with pride today.

A map of England’s counties.