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A Flag For Midlothian – Edinburghshire

  This proposal from Brady Ells incorporates the theme of Philip Tibbetts’s proposed flag for the Lothian region as a whole, the local blazing sun emblem against the local maroon colour. The design of the flag is further inspired by the … Continue reading

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A Flag For East Lothian – Haddingtonshire

The county of East Lothian announced a competition to select a county flag in late November 2017. The venture was organised jointly by East Lothian Council and the Scottish Flag Trust, in association with local newspaper East Lothian Courier, under the … Continue reading

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A Flag For Lothian

  Lothian is a traditional region of southern Scotland, subsuming the three counties of East, West and Mid-Lothian. Through the Dark Ages the territory was the focus of Britain’s early warring factions and was in turn possessed by the Picts … Continue reading

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A Flag For West Lothian – Linlithgowshire

  The work of Brady Ells, this proposed flag for West Lothian incorporates the regional golden sun, on maroon background, which has been proposed as a flag for the wider Lothian region as a whole, devised by Philip Tibbetts. The … Continue reading

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