County Flags At Westminster

Each year, the second Monday in March is recognised as “Commonwealth Dayand marked by the display, on Parliament Square, Westminster, next to the Houses of Parliament, of the flags of member states.


The massed Commonwealth flags


make a magnificent




and colourful sight


In recent years a similar display has been made


of the flags of the Crown Dependencies


and Overseas Territories


At The Hague, the Dutch capital, the parliamentary complex of the Binnenhof is decorated with a permanent display of Dutch provincial flags

that again make a fine colourful array                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hague.png
Given such impressive precedents and comparisons, it is only appropriate that a similar display of British county flags is presented each year on July 23rd, Historic County Flags Day. This day was established in 2014 as a celebration of the nation’s historic counties through the flying of flags. As the Commonwealth is celebrated each year with a  grand and colourful display of the flags of member states, so should the flags of such counties as Huntingdonshire Huntingdonshire.gifWestmorland Westmorland.gifCaithnessCaithness.gifand Merioneth Merioneth.gifbe presented at the heart of government, in the nation’s capital, to celebrate our wonderful, ancient shires and the national heritage they constitute.