Prospective Flags

A number of designs have been proposed for those remaining counties, some county divisions, islands and two regions, which have yet to register a flag. Traditional designs that have been associated with their respective counties as arms or similar devices, could be easily deployed as county flags on the basis of their traditional local usage, see the paragraphs on “TYPES OF FLAGS” at the ABOUT page. A range of novel designs have been created for other counties which have a less clear cut symbolic history, albeit that they may be linked to a certain emblem, numerous Leicestershire bodies, for example, made use of the county’s recognised emblem of a running fox; a design incorporating this traditional county emblem was thus proposed for that county and eventually adopted. For such counties the registration of a flag will likely require a competition or similar selection process, where these featured proposals may be given due consideration. A guide which includes advice on establishing and running a flag competition, (pages 6,7 and 8) is provided by the Flag Institute.



Carmarthenshire Carmarthenshire

Denbighshire Denbighshire

Montgomeryshire Montgomeryshire

Radnorshire Radnorshire


Angus Angus

Argyll Argyll

Ayrshire Ayrshire

Buteshire Buteshire

Clackmannanshire Clackmannanshire

Cromartyshire Cromartyshire

Dumbartonshire Dumbartonshire

Dumfriesshire Dumfriesshire

Fife Fife

Inverness-shire Invernesshire

Kincardineshire Kincardineshire Brady

Kinross-shire Kinross-shire

Lanarkshire Lanarkshire

Moray Moray

Nairnshire Nairnshire

Ross (Ross-shire) Ross-shire

Midlothian – Edinburghshire Midlothian

Peeblesshire Peebleshire

Perthshire Perthshire

Renfrewshire Renfrewshire

Roxburghshire Roxburghshire

Selkirkshire Selkirkshire

Stirlingshire Stirlingshire

West Lothian – Linlithgowshire West-Lothian

Wigtownshire Wigtownshire


Furness, Lancashire       lancs

The Lathes Of Kent           Lathes

The Parts Of Lincolnshire   img_8561-1


Lothian                                     Lothian


Outer Hebrides                       ohebs

Lundy                                                  Lundy

Some proposed Scottish county and island flags.