County Divisions, Territories And Islands

England’s largest county, Yorkshire, has three internal divisions named Ridings,  along with the city of York. Each Riding is as large as many other counties and accordingly, each has its own flag and special day. Three islands, Hampshire’s Isle of Wight and the Scottish islands of South Uist and Barra and one island group, the Cornish Isles of Scilly, also have distinct flags. Several proposals exist for other divisions and islands so hopefully this page will soon be expanded to include further recognised flags at the “sub-county” level.


North Riding  Registered Flag

West Riding – Registered Flag

East Riding  Registered Flag


Isles of Scilly – Registered Flag                                            Scillies

Isle of Wight – Registered Flag                                             Isle Of Wight.png

South Uist – Registered Flag                                                  south-uist

BarraRegistered Flag                                                          Barra

Tiree                                                                                          Tiree