A Flag For West Lothian – Linlithgowshire

West Lothian.png

The work of Brady Ells, this proposed flag for West Lothian incorporates the regional golden sun, on maroon background, which has been proposed as a flag for the wider Lothian region as a whole, devised by Philip Tibbetts.


The Patron Saint of Linlithgow, the county town, is Saint Michael who features on the civic of arms, as seen in this illustration from The Book of Public Arms by A.C. Fox-Davies 1915


This proposed design


therefore combines the angelic wings of Saint Michael with the Lothian sun. In combination these also convey the theme of a halo as appears on the arms.

West Lothian.png

The use of a common charge, the blazing sun, on the flag of a constituent part of Lothian, mirrors the deployment of the Yorkshire rose which appears on the county’s flag as well as on all three riding flags, north, west and east.

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