A Flag For Roxburghshire



Roxburghshire is also known as Teviotdale i.e. the valley of the river Teviot. Its proposed flag from Philip Tibbetts, includes a reference to this with a diagonal, wavy blue stripe, running from lower hoist to upper fly against a white field. This colour arrangement repeats that found in the arms of the county council

It runs from the south-west to the north-east of the county so the flag mirrors the county’s geography. The two black birds are rooks, found on the seal

of the original seat of the county, Roxburgh, long since destroyed. In Philip’s flag,


the rooks are each perched on a sabre, as appears in the local civic arms of the county, recalling the area’s Border Reiver heritage. The name “Roxburgh”, is itself a reference to rooks, essentially meaning “rook town”.


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