A Flag For Dumbartonshire


The proposed flag from Philip Tibbetts is inspired by a banner


of the arms

Lennox arms

held by the Earl of Lennox, an old Scottish province that included the town of Dumbarton. The arms came to be associated with the territory and were accordingly used by the Dunbartonshire County Council whose territory was virtually synonymous with that of the province of Lennox. Notably a red saltire is also used as its insignia

Dum Golf.png

by the Dumbartonshire Golf Union.

The design is thus rooted in the local history and self-evidently a sensible suggestion to serve as inspiration for a county flag, since it is unlikely itself, to be available for public usage and registration. Accordingly Philip Tibbetts’s design replaces the red roses in each quarter with four red elm leaves to recall the meaning of the name “Lennox” as ‘of the elm field”.Dumbartonshire.gif




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