Cheshire Day

Cheshire Day was a cross-organisational initiative created in 2021 to celebrate the county and its people. The date of March 30th was selected for its local historical significance, being the day in 1300 when King Edward I

confirmed a charter of liberties for Cheshire

, two days after the final reissue of the Magna Carta.

The ‘Earldom of Chester’ secured its own Magna Carta because it was governed as a distinct feudal domain at the time the original charter was drawn up. Earl Ranulf III of Chester sought his own charter for his palatine territory, the term meaning of the palace and referring to a measure of authority issued by the crown, making it autonomous and outside the jurisdiction of other national bodies. The document sets out the relationship between the Earl and the barons within in his earldom, in similar manner to that established between King John and the nobles of his kingdom.

The Cheshire Magna Carter is thought to have been established in 1215 but is in essence much the same as the general Magna Carta acceded to by King John at Runnymeade. By 1300, the Cheshire charter would supposedy have been superseded by the general one  as the Earldom of Chester had passed into royal ownership and had been a royal domain since 1237 but it appears that the incumbent monarch nonetheless reconfirmed the specific Cheshire liberties on this date. The charter remained in place until the 1530s when Henry VIII abolished it as part of his move to bring universal law to his kingdom.

More about the Cheshire Magna Carta can be found here and here.

Councillor Louise Gittins,

Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council said:

“Happy Cheshire Day!. The day will be marked by The Lord Mayor of Chester, Councillor Martyn Delaney and Chairman of Cheshire West and Chester Council, Councillor Bob Rudd raising the County flag in Chester Town Hall Square.

Cheshire Day is a chance to celebrate everything Cheshire from cheese to salt, architecture to history, shopping on local high streets, visiting Cheshire attractions, dining out in Cheshire, or just experiencing Cheshire.”

A distinct logo for the occasion

based upon the county flag was created with differing realisations

, the styling of which is evident in this pennant

displayed at the visitor centre in Chester.




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