A Flag For Fenland

A flag has been proposed for the region of Fenland,

centred in Cambridgeshire

but also covering adjacent territory in Lincolnshire and areas of Norfolk and Suffolk.


The work of Cambridgeshire resident James Bowman,

0_WG_CAMB_60044_003JPG (1)

the design is intended to be used alongside the county flags, much as the Riding flags fly alongside the county flag of Yorkshire. The design


features a tiger to reflect a local tradition. The term “Fen Tigers” was first used of the local inhabitants by Dutch engineers who arrived to assist with the drainage of the Fens, resulting in considerable land reclamation. The locals

middle level drain workers march cambs

apparently exhibited some hostility to the incomers and were given the term “tigers” as a result. The concept was sufficiently recognised in the twentieth century for tigers to be included as supporters in the arms

downloadawarded to the Fenland District Council in the 1970s. Moreover, the term has been applied to many clubs and associations, as well as the former Cambridgeshire regiment.

A tiger is used as the logo or badge of numerous sports teams across the region. It is seen here

the Fen Tiger on the badge of the president of the March and District Bowling Association

on the badge of the president of the March and District Bowling Association and has been extensively used by Mildenhall Fen Tigers speedway team

in various realisations

stream_imgNaturally, Ely Tigers rugby team, seen here


in the club’s tiger themed kit of orange and black stripes, also has a tiger for its badge

Ely Tigers.png

Other local teams with a tiger badge are;

the “Fen Tigers”, junior darts team from Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire Youth darts team

the Korfball team from Cambridge


and the “Fen Tigers” Goalball team


who also sport an orange and black team kit


and use black and orange “tiger” stripes

Goal stripes.png

as a decorative feature in their online presence.

The Tiger theme is present in the name and insignia of two football teams

located in Chatteris, right in the heart of the Fenland region and a tiger is the company logo

2aabf10a6df70b82f0198bfb63bd869a1f2fac5b (1)

of the Fen Tigers Furniture firm, from the locality.

James’s design, seen here


flying in a boatyard in Ely, maintains the theme. Blue stands for the man made and natural waterways of the region, and yellow for agricultural prosperity.

It is seen below

adorning a vessel on the River Thames and following,

at various spots across the region

The flagFenland..gif

is promoted here.

In November 2018 James received a letter of support from John Ablewhite, the regional police commissioner


and subsequently, another from Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire,


who also wrote  to the Flag Institute expressing her support for the proposal.


The flag has also been produced in pennant or burgee form

for a local boating organisation, as seen here

ITV Anglia’s report on the flag can be viewed at our video page 

The flag can be purchased from here, here and here.

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