A Flag For Clackmannanshire


The proposed flag is the creation of Leonardo Piccioni (one of the designers of the flag of Denny and Dunipace) who was inspired by various elements used in the arms of local nobility.

These include, the Erskine family, (Earls of Mar and Kellie)


 and a red saltire on gold taken from the arms of Robert the Bruce


One theory holds that the name Clackmannan is a corruption of the Gaelic ‘Chlach Mhannainn’, which means the Stone of ‘Mannan’ or ‘Manau’ , a sea god from local mythology – Manau was also the ancient name of the district. An ancient stone linked with this deity today sits upon a larger one in the county town, Clackmannan


Another view is that the name derives from a local legend that Robert the Bruce left his gauntlet (mannan) on a rock (clack) in the locality, thus giving the area its name. The gauntlets and saltire in the arms awarded to Clackmannanshire County Council

clack cc.png

refer to this legend. The green field in the chief, stands for agriculture.

Thus Leonardo’s proposal merges the green, white and black colour scheme found in the chief of the council arms with the saltire and gauntlets to create a flag composed of a white fimbriated black saltire on a green field with the left and right quadrants formed by the saltire each bearing a white gauntlet. The resulting flagClackmannanshire

is a strong effective, design, clearly exhibiting locally meaningful and resonant themes. Below,

Clackmannan Tower

the design depicted flying from Clackmannan Tower.


Useful Links

The flag is available to purchase here.


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