A Flag For Banffshire


A proposed flag for the Scottish county of Banffshire, designed by Philip Tibbetts, reflects the tripartite division found on the arms of the erstwhile local council, whose shield

Banffshire CC

was divided into three sections, defined by two indented vertical strips, green at left and black at right. This arrangement is repeated on the proposed flag which features green and black panels at left and right respectively. At the centre of the council arms were three blue boar heads, themselves taken from the arms of the local Abercrombie family

abercrombieA boar also reportedly appeared in an early version of the seal of the county town, Banff, apparently because the thickly wooded area was once a home to these creatures. The old town seal was described as oval in shape with a “boar passant”; while no actual illustration of this appears to be available, something like the below image is envisioned

Banff seal

A blue boar’s head consequently appears in the central white panel on the flag. Additionally the name Banff has porcine connotations, meaning piglet in Gaelic (“banbh”) it was applied, rather poetically, as a nickname to the local River Deveron which is seen as “rooting its way to the coast”! The proposed flag is therefore meaningful and an unusual, aesthetically pleasing colour combination.

In 2020 the design was embraced by a local campaign


and it is depicted below


over Ballindalloch Castle in the county.



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