Westmorland Day


Westmorland Day is September 29th. This was the date when the title “Earl of Westmorland”


was created and topped the poll held at the Westmorland County show in Kendall on September 12th 2013 to select a county day.

Westmorland Day - Vote

Westmorland Show 2013

Full results of the poll were;

1st – 29th September – Title of Earl of Westmorland created
2nd – 30th January – Birth of Lady Anne Clifford – Formidable mediaeval lady, patron of the arts, high-sheriff of Westmorland and resident of Appleby, Brougham and Mallerstang
3rd – 1st October – Battle of Tinghai – Westmorland Regiment
earns its distinctive dragon badge
4th – 30th July – Death of Thomas de Strickland – Sheriff of Westmorland and standard bearer at Agincourt
5th – 18th December – Battle of Clifton – Contender for the last battle on English soil

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