Wessex Day

Wessex Day is May 25th , the feast day of Saint Aldhelm considered the patron saint of Wessex.

Wessex Flag

Aldhelm was born about 640 and was related to the Wessex King Ine. He studied under the Irish scholar, Maeldubh at a scholarly community in the forests near Malmesbury. He is reported to have known Greek,and Hebrew as well as Latin and certainly introduced many Latinized Greek words into his works. His studies included Roman law, astronomy, the art of reckoning and the difficulties of the calendar. He was also a poet, and was said to be able to play any musical instrument around at the time. He is celebrated for bringing the word of God to the peasant masses, by standing on the town bridge at Malmesbury reciting funny poems and playing popular songs all mixed up with hymns and bible stories. William of Malmesbury wrote of him, “If he had proceeded with severity and excommunication, he would have made no impression whatever upon them.” He is also generally credited with having founded the town of Frome and wrote extensively on a wide range of subjects. He died in 709 on May 25th, and was later venerated as a saint with this date becoming his feast day. His influence and impact on the region made his
feast day the obvious choice for selection as the day on which to celebrate the region of Wessex.

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