Lincolnshire Day

Lincolnshire Flag

Lincolnshire Day is on the 1st October. It commemorates the Lincolnshire Uprising


of 1536 when Roman Catholics expressed their dissent against the establishment of the Church of England by Henry VIII

and the dissolution of the monasteries set in motion by Thomas Cromwell

In 2021 a significant effort was made to recognise Lincolnshire Day officially, county flags were raised at events attended by civic dignitaries, MPs, mayors and guests from across the county. At a ceremony in Grantham, the Lincolnshire flag was raised outside the council offices in St Peter’s Hill.

Attending the ceremony below, were

chairman of South Kesteven District Council, (SKDC) Breda-Rae Griffin (left), Grantham MP Gareth Davies (centre), seen here

raising the flag, Mayor of Grantham, Dean Ward (right) and Leader of SKDC, councillor Kelham Cooke, below right

who later tweeted: “Happy Lincolnshire Day! Lincolnshire Day celebrates all that is great about our county, so take the opportunity to enjoy our local food, visit our amazing attractions and support local businesses especially in South Kesteven!”

Councillors Rob Waltham (below left), Philip Jackson (below centre) and Martin Hill (below right), respective leaders of North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire councils, held an event

at Normanby Hall, near Scunthorpe,

to mark Lincolnshire Day and strengthen ties across the whole of the historic county. Newly installed head of the government department responsible for communities and local government, Michael Gove MP, called for recognition and celebration of Lincolnshire Day in a letter to Martin Hill

who stated,

“Lincolnshire has a rich heritage and culture, of which we’re all proud. And it’s that shared pride in our county that has brought us together to celebrate Lincolnshire Day. As well our great history, we come together today to reinforce our commitment to Lincolnshire’s present – improving the lives of our residents, supporting our local businesses and boosting tourism and investment – and to our prosperous future.”

It was hoped that these civic celebrations will become an annual Lincolnshire Day tradition.


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