Gloucestershire Day


Monday, 21st September 2020 was the first ever official Gloucestershire Day #GlosDay. It was initiated by Gloucestershire County Council as a means to thank the people of the county who had gone above and beyond their normal duty during the Covid-19 pandemicEibDW7yXcAAggbJand an opportunity to promote everything that is great about Gloucestershire – the districts, businesses, areas of interest and hidden treasures that make it such a wonderful place to live and work. Residents were encouraged to visit one of the county’s many attractions such as Cleeve Hill,


the Cotswolds,

Cotswold stone

Tewkesbury Abbey,


Gloucester Cathedral


or Cam Peak

cam peak

People were also encouraged to make, create or paint, to show what Gloucestershire meant to them and to post pictures or video clips of their celebrations. As part of the encouragement and promotion, the council also provided a downloadable county flag illustration that could be printed, coloured in and displayed;

” Download a printable Gloucestershire Flag (PDF, 416.5 KB) to colour in with paint, felt tip, collage, or use it as a template for whatever your medium is. Then hang it where it can be seen: in your window, around your garden if you have a socially distanced garden party, or wherever you like.

GlosDayThe council also put out a call for songwriters to create an official county anthem , stating, “…put everything that’s great and good about the county in to a track that can do Gloucestershire justice….The track can be any length, and feature just you and a guitar or piano, a full band, or produced using computer software. Be as creative as you want!”

Gloucestershire people took up the invitation to their celebrate their county with enthusiasm, with flags flying



and plenty of people making use of the printable versions provided by the council


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