A Flag For Argyll


The armorial banner of the early arms of the Clan Campbell


is a suitable basis for any flag of the county.

Clan Campbell is a family with mediaeval roots in the locality who provided first the Earls and then the Dukes of Argyll. The simple design of their first arms is a gyronny of eight, gold and black; that is, the field is divided into eight equal alternately black and yellow sections. These early arms were later incorporated into the arms borne by the Duke of Argyll

Duke of Argyll

and then again into the arms of the Argyll County Council


, the design therefore has a long established local association.

Whilst the basic design is unlikely to be available for use, as it is doubtlessly still owned by the Campbell family, it could be used as a basic design for adaptation as a county flag. This suggestion


from Philip Tibbetts, incorporates the dolphin found in the badge


of the “Kintyre Pursuivant” an officer of arms to the Scottish Crown, in the court of Lord Lyon (the Scottish heraldic authority), representing the Kintyre Peninsular in the district.



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