A Flag For Perthshire


The proposed flag for the county has a distinctly Central European feel about it but the design reflects an ancient Roman linkage that makes it a highly appropriate and indeed distinct flag for the county.

The coat of arms of the city of Perth featured a double headed eagle


to recall the area’s strong Roman heritage. An eagle subsequently became a common element on the arms of local authorities including Perthshire County Council

and later Perth & Kinross Council (which incidentally includes the arms of the former Kinross-shire County Council, depicting Loch Leven Castle, as an inescutcheon).

In the proposed flag from Philip Tibbetts the eagle is depicted in black as in the later set of arms, set against a yellow and green horizontal background; these latter colours both appearing in the former civic arms of the county (see above) and recalling the sporting colours of Perthshire County Cricket Club                        

This design


is highly relevant with a distinct and unusual colour scheme, bi-colours are rare amongst county flags and certainly the green and yellow combination would be unique.


However, the design has elicited a degree of local comment suggesting that the colours of Saint Johnstone football club would be more relevant because this is the primary sporting focus of the county. Accordingly, another version, in the blue and white colours of the shirts and shorts worn by the Saint Johnstone team


has been fashioned as an alternative idea.

perth bw.png

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